Here is some general information about modeling for me, Chris Fletcher.
I am first and foremost a figurative sculptor. I do photography, draw, and occasional video as references for my sculptures. Sometimes figurative could be as simple as sculpting your hand or portrait (Not that it is simple) or as complicated as capturing the emotion, movement, and physical interaction of a moment in time of a dance between two or more people. I am most interested in capturing the emotion and interaction so that the viewer can feel the same emotion by being in the presence of the artwork. 
Age 18+ and You must be interested in modeling for artwork and or the process of artistic creation.
My current interests in models are:
Athletes, Dancers, actors, Yoga, Acro Yoga, Contortion, Hand 2 Hand performers, gymnasts, Couples, Groups, Portraits, Musicians, etc... Basically if your driven by a physical interest I want to try and capture your interest and your dedication to that interest. But again the most important thing to me is that you are interested in helping to create art. Because it is a collaboration between the model and the artist.You are the Muse, the inspiration for the artwork, if you are not interested then that will show in the artwork.

How I work:
I work in many ways to create my work.  Sometimes I have concepts before I have a model and other times I meet a model and the concept comes to me. There are times where there is no concept and we may create small quick sketches on paper or clay to find the future concept.
Sometimes I start with a drawing session, Sometimes a Photography session, Other times we jump straight into a clay modeling session. I never carve stone or wood directly from a model. I always use photographs, drawings, and clay models to sculpt in stone or wood. So after the drawing and or Photography then we will move into a clay modeling session where I will create a sculpture at 1/6,1/4,or 1/3 life size. The clay sculpture could take up to three sessions.
Before, During and After our session we will keep up a dialog about the artwork and the concept of the piece. I really want to capture you in the artwork. It is important to note here that not everything I work on will necessarily ever get completed. Sometimes I work with models just to work on concepts or idea's.  Sometimes it just doesn't work as expected and sometimes I work with models for the practice of sculpting or drawing. I know that not being able to see a finished piece that you modeled for can be discouraging but it is all a part of the process.  If every piece was perfect then where would the challenge be in that. With every piece I do my Idea's change and I like to think that the concepts are getting more refined and my technical ability is improving. I always appreciate your time and effort in this process.  I hope that I can make the process pleasant and enjoyable for you as well.

What is expected from you as a model:
To be professional: ie... On time, ready to work, enthusiastic about the session.
Most common question: Do I have to be nude/naked? The answer is a little complicated, as I am a figurative sculptor I am sculpting you nude whether you are clothed or not. My preference is nude.  But that being said I have run into models that are not comfortable with being fully nude but were comfortable being either topless or bottomless but not both. I have made both situations work as I have made situations work where the model was not nude at all. My request is that as a model, you wear the minimum that you are comfortable with. That being said, there are points on the body that I need to see, these are what are called the boney landmarks.  They are where your bones are just under the skin and can be seen or felt. The ones that are often covered by clothing are ASIS, PSIS, Sacrum, Sternal Notch, Xiphoid process, C7, Acronium Process, and Great Trochanter. Of these four are in the pelvis area three are ribcage and shoulders and one on the neck.  I need to be able to see these to make measurements.
I made a comment above, Even if the final piece is to be clothed I still sculpt you nude.  The reason for this is so that the clothes fit you correctly and don't look like they are just hung on a clothes rack. The sculpture needs to look and feel like there is a body under the clothes.
What should you expect from me: Profesional, Considerate, I will respect your personal space and ask permission before I cross into it.

If you have any questions please ask me.