Breast Cancer Awareness Sculpture Project

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Artist Statement

Chris Fletcher

Creating sculpture is a delicate balance between the medium, my muse, and myself. My work develops a relationship between these three elements. My creative process combines the mediums limitations and possibilities, my muse's inspiration, and my intentions and direction. My muse varies with each project, being a person for one sculpture, the environment for another and the materials I am working with in another project. I push the medium as far as possible and then some. The limitations of the medium contribute in defining the final sculpture. The central focus of my artwork is to create an inspiring blend of my medium, my muse and myself.
By working with different mediums I have the luxury to decide what material will work best for each project. The project will dictate the material. If a human figure is the subject and I want it to be as close too lifelike as possible, I will use plaster or stone. If the piece is intended for the outdoors the medium is considered for it durability. The limitation of time and size are also considered. Seldom do I know when I begin a project what the final piece will be like in detail. I accept influence throughout the process of creation from my subject and the possibilities of the material I am working with.
The beauty of line and form has always drawn me to create figurative artwork. My personal reaction to the highs and lows of life are what I am exploring with my art. I attempt to show that regardless of circumstances there is strength and beauty to be found in living. I challenge myself to capture these qualities in my sculpture and to infuse the work with a visual sensation that the sculpture is alive. My goal is that the viewer can experience the strength and beauty of that moment.

Chris Fletcher

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Santa Barbara, CA 93160