Breast Cancer Awareness Sculpture Project

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Project Proposal

This project will consist of lifecasts of people along with their personal stories regarding their breast cancer experiences. My desire is to have models, women and men, participate from all walks of life who have been affected by breast cancer themselves or through a loved one. The goal is to have 25 sculptures
comprised of individuals, couples, and groups. Each sculpture will be accompanied with the model’s personal story. The topics discussed in each story will vary based on the feelings and experiences of each individual.

Once we are touched by breast cancer we must decide how to handle it both physically
and emotionally. I hope this sculpture exhibit will provide an opportunity for support,
sharing of information, and acceptance. The exhibit may help those faced with breast cancer to know they are not alone and that others have traveled this path before them. It will allow viewers to discuss the feelings and choices others made when facing breast cancer.


Chris Fletcher

POB 6717
Santa Barbara, CA 93160