Breast Cancer Awareness Sculpture Project

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Models come in all shapes and sizes

I am looking for people who feel passionate about making a statement regarding breast cancer.

Models can be:
  • Women and men who have experienced breast cancer themselves or through a loved one.
  • Family and friends of someone who has or had breast cancer.
  • Individuals that have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and are preparing to undergo treatment.
Sculptures will be of individuals, couples, and groups. Each sculpture will be a unique expression
of the model.

What happens during the modeling session.

A time and date will be arranged for you to arrive at the studio to be cast.
You will be asked to wear loose clothing prior to arriving to prevent clothing lines from showing in your casting.
We will discuss your story if we havent already and determine a pose that would be possible and appropriate for you.
You will now position yourself into the pose. Make sure it is comfortable and then remove the necessary clothing for your casting.
If needed a release agent will be applied to any hair that may end up in the casting.
The molding agent will be mixed and applied to your body.
A second coating of a different material (Plaster) will be applied over the first.
When the Plaster is dry the mold will be removed from your body.
Total time will be any where from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the pose.
You will now have an opportunity to clean up and get dressed and your done with your session.
Overall it is a simple process that is relatively quick.

To participate in this project there are certain things that must be taken into account:


Chris Fletcher

POB 6717
Santa Barbara, CA 93160